Floor Coating

PROTECH NH-290 Hybride polyurea

Waterproofing/anti-corrosion material for concrete structures, flooring and waterproofing materials for buildings

PROTECH NH-290 is a paint that is applied using exclusive spray equipment. It is a special paint composed mainly of urea and urethane bonds, and the curing reaction occurs within a few seconds to form a coating film. It is a hybrid urea paint for high hardness materials that forms a coating film excellent in elasticity, abrasion resistance, and elongation as well as superior in impact resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, durability, and adhesion.


Paint type
Polyurea / Intermediate coating (Two-Component)
Drying time
Drying time
Category 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch Less than 1 minute Less than 1 minute Less than 1 minute
Dry-through Less than 60 minutes Less than 60 minutes Less than 60 minutes
Drying time
Above drying time have been measured under laboratory conditions and may vary depending on the construction site.
Not applicable
Dilution ratio
Specific gravity
Approx. 1.05 (Mixed)
Theoretical Coverage
2.2 ㎏/㎡ (Based on 2㎜)
Solid volume ratio
Green, gray, other ordered colors
Thickness of dried film
Mixing ratio
Base(A)/hardener(B)=100/100 (Volume ratio)
Flash point
Shelf life
6 months (5~35℃ indoor storage)
Packaging unit
405 ㎏ [Base(210 ㎏), Hardener(195 ㎏)]


Tensile strength
More than 16 N/㎟
Tearing strength
More than 50 N/㎜
Elongation rate
More than 300 %
shore A 90 ± 5

how to use

Surface treatment
1. Completely remove oil, moisture, sand, dust, and other foreign matter from the surface to be coated.
2. Cure concrete for at least 28 days at a temperature of 21℃ and a relative humidity of 60%.
3. Remove the protruded parts using a grinder. Cracks on the surface should be repaired before coating.
Coating method
1. Apply by using exclusive spraying equipment within one day after primer.
2. Use the hardener containing pigments after sufficiently stirring with a drum stirrer before use.
3. For a base made of steel, apply after blasting surface treatment and primer treatment.
4. If the surface condition is poor after primary coating, reapply within 24 hours.
5. Upon spray coating once back and forth, a coating thickness of 0.2~0.3㎜ can be obtained, and the coating thickness desired for continuous work can be formed.
Recommended construction equipment: SPRAY equipment for polyurea (Graco/Gusmer Reactor E-XP 2 or higher)
▷Primer : PROTECH 100 (It may vary depending on the substrate)
▷Intermediate coating: CLEANTHANE 2100(KSF-3211) can be used as a base adjusting agent.
▷Top coat : PROTECH 300 (coating for external exposure)
Coating conditions
1. If the temperature of the substrate is -5~50℃, spraying is possible.
2. Moisture content in the concrete: 6% or less