Industrial Coating


General vehicles, washing machines, fan heaters, machine tools, home appliances, communication devices, elevators, distribution boxes, office supplies, eyeglass frames, medical devices, and various components

This paint is a two-component acrylic urethane paint which mainly consists of acrylic resin and isocyanate. It offers outstanding adhesiveness, weather resistance, chemical resistance, gloss, and color-keeping power. This paint is designed to be suitable for painting home appliances and industrial machinery, and for general industrial purposes.


Paint type
Acrylic urethane (Two-component type)
Color that the customer wants
Applied materials
General steel materials
Specific gravity (25 ℃)
0.98 ± 0.05
Recommended thinkness
25 ± 5 ㎛
Viscosity (KU/25 ℃)
65 ± 3 KU
Gloss (60 º)
Glossy - matte
Mixing ratio
Base (A) / Hardener (B) = 4:1 (Weight)
Drying conditions
70 - 80 ℃
Drying time
At least 30 minutes
Dilution ratio
40 ± 10 %
Shelf life
12 months
Dilution viscosity (I.C #2/25 ℃)
11 ± 2 seconds

how to use

Surface treatment
1) Completely remove oil, moisture, sand, dust and foreign substances from the surface.
2) For steel materials(CR, EGI, GI), apply zinc phosphate chemical conversion coating.
3) In case of aluminum and nonferrous metals, apply chromate pretreatment before painting.
Coating method
1) Store the product indoors at 20 - 25 ℃ prior to work.
2) Stir the paint sufficiently for at least 5 minutes after mixing the base/hardener/thinner according to the standards of the painting specifications manual.
3) Please filter out dust or impurities with 200 mesh paint strainer to prevent poor appearance.
4) Paint sufficiently to make sure that dry film thickness is 25 - 20 ㎛, and paint several times rather than painting all at once if conditions permit for superior color and exterior look.
5) Force dry in 70 - 80℃ for at least 30 minutes after 2-5 minutes of set time.
1. It has outstanding adhesiveness for ordinary steel materials.
2. It offers superior workability and can express a variety of colors. .
3. It offers superior labeling and gloss properties.
4. DAU-507 paint is designed to be suitable for the auto-toning (any color) system.