Waterproof Coating

NEW-THANSUNG SEAL(N) 2K elastic urethane sealant

Expansion joints and cracks of concrete surfaces, various joints of engineering works

This paint is a 2K non-solvent type, elastic urethane sealant composed of a base component with an isocyanate group (-NCO) and a hardener component with active hydrogen (-OH). It is excellent in physical performance in terms of elasticity and elongation and shows excellent resilience. It is easy to work on vertical walls due to its excellent thixotropy. It is effective for repairing rooftops, expansion joints and cracks because there is little volume reduction after drying, and scraper workability is also excellent.


Paint type
Polyurethane resin(2-Component)
Drying time
Drying time
Category 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch 48 hours 24 hours 12 hours
Pot life 2 hours 1.5 hours 1 hours
Not Applicable
Specific gravity
Approx. 1.55 (Based on gray color)
Dilution ratio
▷No dilution
Theoretical Coverage
See the amount used above
Solid volume ratio
99±1 %
Green, gray, white
Thickness of dried film
See the amount used above
Mixing ratio
Base(A)/Hardener(B)=1/5 (Weight ratio)
Flash point
Shelf life
12 months (5 ~ 35 ℃ indoor storage)
Packaging unit
12 ㎏ [Base(2㎏), Hardener(10㎏)]


Slump (length)
Less than 3 ㎜
Slump (width)
Less than 3 ㎜
shore A 20 ± 10

how to use

Surface treatment
1. Cure concrete for at least 28 days at a temperature of 21℃ and a relative humidity of 50%.
2. Completely remove the oil, moisture, sand, dust, laitance and other foreign matter from the surface and maintain surface smoothness.
3. For high-strength concrete (260㎏/㎠ or higher), blasting treatment should be carried out.
Coating method
1. Fill the undercoated surface with the sealant using rubber scraper, etc. after inserting a back-up material.
2. Upon rooftop expansion joint construction, prevent contamination and damage around the building by attaching masking tape.
3. Repair coating for cracks is the same as general putty application.
Appropriate construction specifications
▷Primer : CLEANTHANE 1000
▷Urethane sealant : NEW-THANSUNG SEAL(N)
▷Follow-up intermediate coating : Elastic urethane system
Coating conditions
1. Atmosphere Temperature: 5~35℃, Surface Temperature: 40℃ or below, Relative Humidity: 80% or less.
2. Moisture content in the concrete: 6% or less.

Amount used

Joint size
(Area X Area, ㎜)




Filling distance
(based on 1LT, m)