Industrial Coating


Home appliance components which come in direct contact with the skin such as mobile phone cases and laptop covers

This paint is applied with special polyester resin and offers sensitive feel and soft texture when the film is formed.


Paint type
Polyester urethane/Top coat (Non-yellowing type) (Two-Component)
Transparent liquid
Applied material
Specific gravity (25 ℃)
0.96 ± 0.05
Recommended thinkness
25 ± 5 ㎛
Viscosity (KU/25 ℃)
25 ± 5 seconds
Mixing ratio
Base (A) / Hardener (B) = 5/1 (Weight)
Solid content (%)
Base : 45 ± 3, Hardener : 50 ± 3
Designated thinner
Dilution ratio
Within 30 - 50 %
Drying conditions
80 ℃
Drying time
At least 2 hours
Dilution viscosity (I/C #2/25 ℃)
11 ± 2 seconds
Shelf life
12 months

how to use

Surface treatment
1) Completely remove oil, moisture, sand, dust and foreign substances from the surface.
2) When expressing a variety of colors, perform the undercoat with a color paint prior to applying the SF paint.
3) We recommend the use of a primer prior to the SF paint application on materials to which the paint does not adhere well (PC, G/F mixture, etc.) as not using a primer may cause an adhesion defect.
Coating method
1) Mix the base and the hardener according to the weight ratio of 5:1, dilute it to 30 - 50 % using the thinner, and mix it sufficiently for at least 5 minutes.
2) Please filter out dust or impurities with 300 mesh paint strainer to prevent poor appearance.
3) Paint sufficiently to make sure that the dry film thickness is 25 ± 5 ㎛ and paint several times rather than painting all at once if conditions permit.
4) Force dry in 80℃ for at least 2 hours after 5-10 minutes of set time.
1) Re-coating is not possible due to nature of the product.
2) Gloss and texture may vary depending on working conditions (dilution ratio, film thickness, etc.)
1. Forms soft and warm texture.
2. Can express various textures by adjusting the gloss and slippage.