Waterproof Coating

SKINSYS SC-200(VERTICAL) Adhesive for sheet and film waterproofing material

Adhesive for sheet and film waterproofing material

This product is an adhesive and coating waterproofing material for non-solvent type sheets, which is excellent in compatibility with an asphalt compound layer, workability and adhesion. It is an excellent sheet adhesive for the construction of self-adhesive rubberized asphalt waterproof sheets, which does not require torch construction. It is an excellent waterproofing material that is superior in physical properties such as water resistance and durability, does not flow down even on a vertical surface, and can form a seamless film.


Paint type
2K polymer system
Drying time
Drying time
Category 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch 12 hours 7 hours 5 hours
Dry-through 72 hours 24 hours 12 hours
Over-coat (Min.) 2 days 1 days 12 hours
Over-coat (Max.) 4 days 3 days 2 days
Pot life 60 minutes 30 minutes 20 minutes
DR-700, DR-700L, PU-1000
Specific gravity
Theoretical Coverage
1.8 Kg/㎡
Dilution ratio
No dilution ※ If diluted, it may flow down from the wall.
Thickness of dried film
Mixing ratio
Base(A)/Hardener(B)=5.7/1 (Weight ratio)
Shelf life
6 months
Packaging unit
Base : 17.01 ㎏, Hardener : 2.99 ㎏


Tensile strength
3.0 ± 0.5
Tearing strength
15 ± 3
Elongation rate
650 ± 100
More than 60

how to use

Surface treatment
1. The substrate should keep surface smoothness and be sufficiently dried.
2. Oil, dust and other impurities adhering to the surface should be completely removed.
3. If the strength of concrete is over 260Kgf/㎠, poor adhesion may occur because surface treatment with the grinding method is difficult. Thus, please form roughness by treating the surface with the blasting method.
Coating method
1. Reinforce cracks, crevices, and joints between walls and floors with the New-Elastic Seal (N).
2. Apply smoothly on the undercoated surface using sawtooth scraper, rubber scraper, pitchfork, roller, etc.
Appropriate construction specifications
▷Primer : BLACKTHANE 100
▷Intermediate coating : SKINSYS SC-200 (Adhesive for sheet and film waterproofing material)
▷Sheet : SKINSHEET SA-300(Self-adhesive type rubberized asphalt membrane for waterproofing)