Waterproof Coating

SKINSHEET FPO High weather resistant single-sheet waterproofing material

Waterproofing for rooftops, roofs and panel roofs of buildings

This waterproofing material is a high weather resistant single-sheet waterproofing material that is manufactured based on flexible polyolefin resin, by mixing a UV stabilizer, an antimicrobial agent, a flame-retardant agent and a super weather-resistant pigment. It can be applied regardless of the surface condition due to insulation properties, and the energy of the building can be reduced by the external insulation method. It is a KS F 4911 synthetic polymer waterproof sheet suitable for rooftop greening and rooftop gardens with excellent chemical resistance and can be applied to various materials such as rooftops and roofs of buildings, prefabricated roof panels, etc.



1. Long-life design
- Excellent weather-resistant performance verified with Xenon-Arc accelerated weather resistance test
- 10-year material performance guaranteed
2. Perfect waterproofing performance, easy maintenance
- Due to complete integration by hot blast welding for sheet joints, there is no leakage, partial repair is
possible, and maintenance is easy.
3. Economical waterproofing material
- It can be constructed without removing the existing waterproof layer and does not require
demolition costs, thereby saving costs with simple maintenance.
4. Waterproof material responding to the environment
- Securing wind resistance able to withstand typhoons that are becoming stronger due to the
environmental changes attributed to global warming (Relevant specification: UL 380)
5. Highly functional thermal insulation material
- Through the flame retardant soft urethane foam board exterior insulation system with low thermal
conductivity, it provides a real energy savings effect to buildings.
6. Waterproof materials optimized for rooftop gardens
- It is a waterproof/root barrier material suitable for rooftop gardens mitigating the urban heat island
phenomenon and increasing the value of buildings and complies with Europe EN13948 and KS F 4938.


1. Size : 1.6㎜ X 1.34m X 30m (Thickness X Width X Length)
1.6㎜ X 1.74m X 30m (Thickness X Width X Length)
1.2㎜ X 1.34m X 30m (Thickness X Width X Length)
1.2㎜ X 1.74m X 30m (Thickness X Width X Length)
2. Total construction area per roll: 40.2㎡ (Based on 1.34M width)
3. Actual construction area per roll: 35.8㎡ (Based on 1.34M width)
* Upon overlapping construction of side lap 14cm and end lap 15cm