Waterproof Coating

DENSIL NR-70 Inorganic ceramic waterproofing

Waterproofing for bathrooms, verandas and balcony etc. various buildings, engineering works material

NR-70 is inorganic ceramic waterproofing and composed of NR-70(P) inorganic powder, NR-70V(B) copolymerization polymer emulsion and NR-70 topcoat. NR-70 offers excellent crack resistance for buildings. It has good elasticity, adhesion and durability thus it is suitable for indoor waterproofing which requires elastic film.


Paint type
Copolymer polymer emulsion / Powder
Theoretical coverage
1.4kg/㎡ (based on 1㎜)
Mixing ratio
Powder/Liquid=27/36(by weight)
Shelf life
12 months (in a dry place, 5~35℃)
Packaging unit
63㎏ [Powder(27㎏), Liquid(18㎏ X 2EA)]

how to use

Surface treatment
∙ Honeycombs, form tie holes, cracks and cold joints on concrete surfaces should be refinished by NR-70 paste.
∙ To get the best results, ensure surfaces to be painted are sound, clean and dry (new surfaces particularly must be fully dry) and free from contaminants.
∙ If the width of cracks is wider than 0.3mm, v-cut first and refinish using NR-70 paste.
∙ Holes or joints must be refinished by NR-70 paste.


∙ Easy to use

∙ Good adhesion on plastering or epoxy coatings
∙ Good adhesion on curved surfaces

∙ Excellent heat resistance, weatherability, freezing tolerance
∙ Excellent elasticity and waterproof

∙ Outstanding chemical resistance to salt, alkali, etc.
∙ Inorganic and nontoxic

∙ Eco-friendly (NR-70 liquid : APEO Free)
∙ Multi-purpose

∙ Good moisture and air permeability

Mixing and application
∙ Maintain the mixing ratio. (NR-70 powder : NR-70 liquid = 27kg : 36kg) Pour NR-70V(B) liquid first and put NR-70(P) powder slowly. Stir thoroughly, using an electric disperser.
∙ Apply uniformly, using rake, brush or roller.
∙ If you paint consecutively, make sure that the first layer of paint is completely dry first.

Curing method
∙ NR-70 applied areas must be protected from contamination during curing.
∙ Make sure that rooms being painted have adequate cross-ventilation.
∙ Drying time might vary due to temperature, humidity and thickness of coating.

Repair coating
∙ Lifting or poor adhesion area after curing must be cut out and refinished by the same paint.

∙ Do not apply in temperatures below 5℃.
∙ Please avoid skin contact.
∙ If on skin or eye, wash thoroughly with running water and get a medical treatment.
∙ Keep it away from flames and freezing.

Following applications
▷Primer : NR-100 or NEW-WATERPOXY primer
▷Intermediate/top coat : DENSIL NR-70