Heavy Duty Coating

DHDC-2660 Phenol novolac epoxy coat, high build

Paint for tank lining requiring chemical resistance and solvent resistance
Steel structures requiring high-temperature heat resistance (non-immersed, 150℃)

This paint is a two-component paint made by using special phenol novolac epoxy resin and has excellent chemical resistance and high temperature heat resistance. It is suitable as a lining paint for tanks storing chemicals, fuel oil, animal/vegetable oils, solvents and other corrosive materials. It can be applied as an anti-corrosive paint for areas requiring high temperature heat resistance of up to 150℃. In addition, it is a top/primer paint that can be applied as the dry film at a thickness of up to 100㎛ in one coat.


Paint type
Phenol novolac epoxy / top coat and primer / High build (Two-Component)
Drying time
Drying time
Category 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch 2 hours 1 hour 30 minutes
Dry-hard 24 hours 6 hours 4 hours
Over-coat (Min.) 32 hours 10 hours 6 hours
Over-coat (Max.) 1 month 15 days 7 days
Pot life 10 hours 5 hours 3 hours
Dilution ratio
▷Brush, roller coating: less than 15% ▷Airless, spray coating: less than 10%
Specific gravity
Approx. 1.4
Theoretical Coverage
6.2 ㎡/ℓ (1 time - 100㎛)
Solid volume ratio
Approx. 62±1%
Gray, other colors
Thickness of dried film
Mixing ratio
Base(A)/Hardener(B)=3/1 (Volume ratio)
Flash point
At least 27℃
Shelf life
12 months (Dry, cool, and dark place with good ventilation)


Chemical type
50%sulfuric acid, 20%hydrochloric acid, 20%nitric acid, 50%phosphoric acid
Chemical type
Saturated sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide
Chemical type
Aircraft oil, gasoline, diesel
Test method
KS M ISO 2812-1
Test result
No problems

how to use

Surface treatment
1. Completely remove oil, moisture, sand, dust, and other foreign matter from the surface to be coated.
The degree of surface treatment to obtain an excellent steel protection effect should be at least SSPC-SP 10
or Sa2.5 (near white metal blast cleaning). The surface roughness should not exceed 75 ㎛.
2. Apply the coating on steel surface immediately after surface treatment.
3. After primer coating, clean up the welded areas (blackened and rusted areas) with a disc sander.
Then, touch up with this paint and continue coating.
Coating method
1. Although coating can be done by either brush or airless spraying, airless spray coating is best.
2. Airless spray coating :
- Tip diameter : 0.021"~0.031"
- Injection pressure : More than 3000 P.S.I (210㎏/㎠)
- Store the coating equipment after cleaning with an exclusive thinner immediately after use.
Preceding and follow-up coating
1. Coating specifications : DHDC-2660 100㎛ X 3times
1. Sufficient performance after last coating is achieved after drying for 7 days at 20℃.
2. For coating areas exposed to the outside, yellowing and chalking may occur in a short period of time due
to the effect of sunlight.