Heavy Duty Coating

DHDC-7500RS Non-solvent-based epoxy RS

"Lining of various water treatment facilities and ecp-friendly purified water storage tank lining
Various steel structures requiring anti-corrosion and concrete lining"

This paint is a special amine curing type non-solvent-based epoxy paint and has an excellent protection performance only by one coat. As it is excellent in mechanical properties such as impact resistance, bending resistance, etc. and water resistance compared with general epoxy paints, it is suitable as a lining paint for various pipe lines and steel structures. Additionally, it is an eco-friendly paint that can provide corrosion resistance and chemical resistance and shorten the painting process because it forms a thick film with strong adhesive force only by one coat. This product has obtained the KC hygiene and safety standard certification of the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association.


Paint type
Non-solvent-based epoxy / High build (Two-Component)
Drying time
Drying time
Category 10℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch 8 hours 5 hours 3 hours
Dry-hard 36 hours 24 hours 15 hours
Over-coat (Min.) 36 hours 24 hours 15 hours
Over-coat (Max.) 10 days 7 days 5 days
Pot life 80 minutes 50 minutes 30 minutes
Not necessary (Cleaning thinner : DR-100)
Dilution ratio
No dilution
Specific gravity
Approx. 1.4
Theoretical Coverage
2.5 ㎡/ℓ (1 time - 400㎛)
Solid volume ratio
Approx. 99±1%
Gray, limited ordered colors
Thickness of dried film
Mixing ratio
Base(A)/Hardener(B)=3/1 (Volume ratio)
Flash point
Shelf life
12 months (Dry, cool, and dark place with good ventilation)


Solvent free epoxy
A special amine curing type non-solvent-based epoxy paint that is a high-build eco-friendly paint (RS and KC certified product)
Excellent film property
Adhesion, water resistance, salt water resistance and chemical resistance are excellent.

how to use

Surface treatment
1. Completely remove oil, moisture, sand, dust, and other foreign matter from the surface to be coated.
The degree of surface treatment to obtain an excellent steel protection effect should be at least SSPC-SP 10
or Sa2.5 (near white metal blast cleaning). The surface roughness should not exceed 75 ㎛.
2. Apply the coating on steel surface immediately after surface treatment.
Coating method
1. It should be coated with airless spray equipment having a pump of 60:1 or higher.
2. At low temperature, an In Line Heating hose should be used to facilitate pumping and spraying.
If the temperature is maintained above 30℃, a normal 45:1 airless spray can be used.
3. Airless spray coating :
- Equipment : airless spray greater than 60:1
- Tip diameter : 0.021"~0.025"
- Injection pressure : More than 4000 P.S.I (280㎏/㎠)
- Store the coating equipment after cleaning with an exclusive thinner immediately after use.
4. Air spraying is not recommended, and a brush and roller can be used for the touch-up of local areas and
partial repair coating.
Preceding and follow-up coating
1. Preceding coating: steel - Solvent free epoxy and solvent type primer, epoxy zinc primer, inorganic zinc primer
concrete - Solvent free epoxy clear and solvent type clear primer
- Upon coating on the inorganic zinc paint, a mist coat is required.
1. Sufficient performance after last coating is achieved after drying for 7 days at 20℃.
2. Curing temperature should be kept at 10℃ or higher. Do not paint at a relative humidity of 85% or higher.
3. As this is a non-solvent-based product with a short pot life, be sure to make a plan for coating by paying
attention to the pot life.
4. For coating areas exposed to the outside, yellowing and chalking may occur in a short period of time
due to the effect of sunlight. Upon coating for areas exposed to the outside, be sure to apply top coat.