Industrial Coating

DVB-8100 Solvent-based insulation varnish

For impregnation of powdered magnetic core

DVB-8100 is a one-component epoxy adhesive for powdered magnetic core and is applied to prevent destruction of powdered magnetic core from external shock. This product features outstanding adhesive strength along with outstanding L and core loss properties.


Paint type
One-component epoxy resin
Product Features
1. It features outstanding adhesive strength. 2. It is a one-component product which can be used conveniently. 3. It features outstanding workability. 4. It features outstanding L and core loss properties. 5. It features outstanding heat resistance.
Transparent liquid
Storage stability (25 ℃)
Over 1 month
0.1 - 0.3 POISE
Curing conditions
190 ℃ X 1 HR
Specific gravity
1.20 ± 0.02
Not certified
Curing time (190 ℃)
Within 1 hour
Storage conditions
Store in a shaded indoor space with sufficient ventilation.
Mixing ratio
One-component type
Shelf life
6 months from the manufacturing date (when storage conditions are met)


Adhesive strength (25 ℃)
60 kgf/㎠
Hardness (SHORE-D)

how to use

How to use
1. Impregnate the substrate in the adhesive under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure.
2. Impregnate it in the washing solvent and wash for less than 1 minute.
3. Dry it for 1 hour at 190 ℃ in the drying furnace.
1. The agent includes highly volatile substance. So seal the container after use.
2. This product is a one-component type. When the adhesive temperature is high, there is a risk of the adhesive turning into gel. So maintain the adhesive temperature inside the tank at below 30 ℃.
3. Instructions above may vary depending on the type of substrate and the painting line conditions
4. Please refer to the MSDS when handling the product.