Industrial Coating

DUM-7100 Insulation resin for Casting

For casting electronic devices and car components

DUM-7100 is a resin for casting used in the urethane curing system and features outstanding drying performance and exterior look. This product features superior thermal shock resistance and mechanical shock resistance and is suitable as molding liquid for car components. Also, it maintains elasticity even at low temperature which makes it suitable for components that require low noise.


Paint type
Two-component urethane resin
Product Features
1. It features outstanding workability. 2. It is cured in natural conditions. 3. It features outstanding electrical properties. 4. It features outstanding thermal shock resistance. 5. It can be cured at low temperature as well as at room temperature.
Pot time (25 ℃) (A + B)
Within 60 min.
20 - 40 POISE
Curing conditions
25 ℃ x 24 hours or more / 60 - 80 ℃ x 1 - 2 hours
Specific gravity
1.22 ± 0.02
Not certified
Gel time (85℃)
Within 50 minutes
Storage conditions
Store in a shaded indoor space with sufficient ventilation.
Mixing ratio
A : B = 100 : 40 (Weight)
Shelf life
6 months from the manufacturing date (when storage conditions are met)


Breakdown voltage
Above 10 KV/㎜
Volume resistivity
At least 1.0 × 1013 Ω㎝
40 - 50 (SHORE-A)

how to use

How to use
1. Mix evenly after adding the substances according to the designated mixing ratio.
2. Defoam with vacuum to eliminate air pockets.
3. Inject well-mixed epoxy to the substrate.
4. Dry according to the designated curing conditions.
1. Instructions above may vary depending on the type of substrate and the painting line conditions.
2. Liquid B is weak against moisture, so use the product quickly after opening it.
3. If the humidity is high, there is a possibility of exterior defect due to foaming during the curing.
So use the product in an indoor space where humidity can be controlled.
4. Please refer to the MSDS when handling the product.