Industrial Coating

DVB-2175 Non-solvent-based insulation varnish

For dripping/impregnation of electric motors

DVB-2175 is a non-solvent-based insulating varnish of unsaturated polyester type and features type H (180 ℃) heat resistance. This product is almost odorless which can drastically improve work environment. Especially, it is suitable for electric motors.


Paint type
Two-component unsaturated polyester resin
Product Features
1. It features outstanding heat resistance. (Type H: 180℃) 2. This product generates little THC while drying. 3. It features outstanding adhesiveness. 4. It features outstanding electrical properties.
Transparent lemon yellow liquid
Storage stability (40℃) (A + B)
Over 5 days
8 - 13 POISE
Curing conditions
2 - 4 hours at 120 - 140 ℃
Specific gravity
1.14 ± 0.02
Not certified
Gel time (120 ℃)
3 - 5 min.
Storage conditions
Store in a shaded indoor space with sufficient ventilation.
Mixing ratio
A : B = 100 : 1 (Weight)
Shelf life
6 months from the manufacturing date (when storage conditions are met)


Breakdown voltage
Above 7 KV (Twist Pair method, MW-35 Coil)
Volume resistivity
At least 1.0 × 1014 Ω㎝

how to use

How to use
1. Mix evenly after adding the substances according to the designated mixing ratio.
2. Preheat the substrate at 80 - 120 ℃ for 10 - 30 minutes to eliminate cutting oil and debris from the substrate.
3. Maintain the surface temperature of the substrate at 40 - 50 ℃.
4. Impregnate it in well-mixed varnish for 2 - 5 minutes. (Impregnation in the vacuumed state can increase the penetrance.)
5. Leave until the varnish does not fall off from the substrate (10 - 30 minutes at room temperature).
6. Dry according to the designated curing conditions.
1. Liquid B (hardener) is sensitive to heat. So store it in a refrigerated space.
2. When the varnish temperature is high, there is a risk of varnish turning into gel. So maintain the varnish temperature inside the tank at below 30 ℃.
3. Instructions above may vary depending on the type of substrate and the painting line conditions.
4. Please refer to the MSDS when handling the product.