Industrial Coating

DVA-1410 Solvent-based insulation varnish

For surface protection of general motors

DVA-1410 is an insulating varnish for impregnation and finishing that mainly consists of epoxy modified resin. It features type F (155 ℃) heat resistance. This product can be cured at room temperature. It can be applied as a finishing agent for surface protection after impregnation of electric components.


Paint type
One-component epoxy modified resin
Product Features
1. It features outstanding heat resistance. (Type F: 155 ℃) 2. It can be cured at room temperature. 3. It features outstanding electrical properties. 4. It features outstanding rust resistance.
Storage stability (room temperature)
Over 6 months
Red brown
1.0 - 4.0 POISE
Curing conditions
Over 24 hours at 25 ℃
Specific gravity
1.10 ± 0.02
Not certified
Set-to-touch drying (25 ℃)
Within 1 hour
Storage conditions
Store in a shaded indoor space with sufficient ventilation.
Mixing ratio
Base : Thinner = 100 : 10 - 20 (Weight)
Shelf life
6 months from the manufacturing date (when storage conditions are met)


Breakdown voltage
Above 4 KV (Twist Pair method, MW-5 Coil)
Volume resistivity
At least 1.0 × 1013 Ω㎝

how to use

How to use
1. Mix evenly after adding the substances according to the designated mixing ratio.
2. Preheat the substrate at 80 - 120 ℃ for 10 - 30 minutes to eliminate cutting oil and debris from the substrate.
3. Maintain the surface temperature of the substrate at 40 - 50 ℃.
4. Use a brush, roller, or spray to apply the varnish on the motor surface.
5. Dry by placing the product in an area without dust or debris.
1. The ratio of thinner may vary depending on the paint line conditions. (Brush or roller: Below 15 %, Spray: Below 20 %)
2. Instructions above may vary depending on the type of substrate and the painting line conditions.