Waterproof Coating

CLEANTHANE FOR VERTICAL(KS TYPE 1) Elastic urethane intermediate coating for waterproofing

Elastic urethane intermediate coating for rooftop vertical planes and various playgrounds

This paint is a room-temperature curing 2K polyurethane intermediate coating suitable for rooftop waterproofing due to its excellent tensile strength, tearing strength and elongation. It is excellent in water resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance and can form a uniform coating film. Thick coating is possible even for vertical surfaces due to the viscosity of the paint. It is an elastic urethane intermediate coating corresponding to KS F 3211 urethane rubber type 1 for vertical member that is applied to roof parapet waterproofing of general buildings and various playgrounds.


Paint type
Polyurethane resin (2-Component)
Drying time
Drying time
Category 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch 12 hours 7 hours 5 hours
Dry-through 72 hours 48 hours 30 hours
Over-coat (Min.) 48 hours 24 hours 18 hours
Over-coat (Max.) 96 hours 48 hours 12 hours
Pot life 60 minutes 30 minutes 20 minutes
Not Applicable
Specific gravity
Approx. 1.35 (Based on green color)
Dilution ratio
▷ No dilution
Theoretical Coverage
4.1 ㎏/㎡ (Based on 3㎜)
Solid volume ratio
97±3 % (Mixed)
Green, gray
Thickness of dried film
3 ㎜
Mixing ratio
Base(A)/Hardener(B)=1/2.5 (Weight ratio)
Flash point
Shelf life
12 months (5 ~ 35 ℃ indoor storage)
Packaging unit
10.5 ㎏ [Base(3 ㎏), Hardener(7.5 ㎏)]


Tensile strength
More than 2.5 N/㎟
Tearing strength
More than 14.7 N/㎜
Elongation rate
More than 450 %
shore A 55 ± 10

how to use

Surface treatment
1. Cure concrete for at least 28 days at a temperature of 21℃ and a relative humidity of 50%.
2. Completely remove the oil, moisture, sand, dust, laitance and other foreign matter from the surface and maintain surface smoothness.
3. For high-strength concrete (260㎏/㎠ or higher), blasting treatment should be carried out.
Coating method
1. Reinforce cracks, crevices, and joints between walls and floors with the NEW-THANSUNG SEAL(N).
2. Apply smoothly on the undercoated surface using sawtooth scraper, rubber scraper, pitchfork, roller, etc.
Appropriate construction specifications
▷Primer : CLEANTHANE 1000
▷intermediate coating : CLEANTHANE FOR VERTICAL(KS TYPE 1)
▷Top coat : CLEANTHANE 3000K
Coating conditions
1. Atmosphere Temperature: 5~35℃, Surface Temperature: 40℃ or below, Relative Humidity: 80% or less.
2. Moisture content in the concrete: 6% or less.
During scorching heat in the summer (atmospheric temperature: 28℃ or higher; surface temperature: 40℃ or higher), please apply after 4 pm when the surface temperature drops.