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COLOR MIX (WATER-BASED) Tinter for water-based paint

Tinter for water-based paint

COLOR MIX (WATER-BASED) is a high-quality tinter for water-based paint that can realize various colors. This product is able to realize various colors of high chroma by using pigment with excellent distinctness of image. It has excellent coloring power, so it can be toned to a dark color even with a small addition. It is also excellent in weather resistance and can maintain its original color under long-term external exposure. It does not contain harmful heavy metal pigments such as lead and chrome and environmental hormones such as nonylphenol.


Paint type
Paint type
Water-based tinter
Applied paint
Water-based interior/exterior paint, Water-based glossy paint
Amount used
Less than 3%(Volume ratio, based on white color paint)
Special red, reddish brown, iron yellow, special yellow, bright green, bright blue, black etc.
Specific gravity
1.05 ~ 2.00 (Varies depending on the color)
Flash point
Non flammable material
Packging unit
0.1L, 0.19L
Storage and preservation
12 months (well-ventilated dry, cold and dark location, room temperature 5℃~30℃)

how to use

1. As it is a tinter for water-based paint, it cannot be used for oil-based paint.
2. As this product is a tinter, it cannot be applied by itself.
3. During winter, store this product by preventing it from freezing.
4. As this product has excellent tinting power, use it by adding a small amount at a time. For toning of a very light color, the tinter can be diluted with water to lower the concentration.
5. When using the product having a water-based paint name, please contact the technical team of this company to make an inquiry about whether it can be used.
6. In the case of excessive use, water resistance, gloss decline, and delay in drying may occur. Therefore, for toning of darker colors, please contact our technical team.


Color mixing
1. Use after evenly mixing this tinter before coloring.
2. Mix the colors by adding a small amount of tinter to the paint to be used for coloring,while checking the color change.
3. Color differences before and after drying may occur depending on the product.So, please check the color change after drying.
4. The color may look different depending on the light source. So, check the color in accordance with the coating conditions if possible.
5. Upon coloring, add the tinter while stirring the paint to be used for coloring.
6. Sufficiently stir the paint until the tinter is completely mixed.