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  • Korea
  • China/Asia
    • NOROO Paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
      In 2002, we established a local subsidiary Shanghai, China. In 2004, we completed building the repacking plant and research center, and we are concentrating our efforts on full-scale paint production and local sales. We are now striving to compete with paint companies in the world and we continue to grow progressively through competition with global paint companies in China. With the aim of successful localization, we are making company-wide efforts by strengthening employee training to ensure top-notch paint services.

      Founded 2002

      Services/Items Acting operation center for HK Holdings investment plans in China

      Location Shanghai, China

      Address/Contact information No.199 Xin Tuan Rd, Industrial Estate Qingpu District, Shanghai

    • NOROO Holdings(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
      Founded in 2007, NOROO Holdings (Hong Kong) is entering into the global market as we step up our foreign and M&A investments through conducting business related to business management advisory. It serves as a bridgehead in establishing joint ventures and local subsidiaries, demonstrating its ability to advance into the global market.

      Founded 2007

      Services/Items Business consulting (Holding company)

      Location Hong-Kong

      Address/Contact information Rooms 1808, 18/F, Tower II, Admiralty Center, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong

    • NOROO NANPAO Paint & Coating(Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
      In 2008, NOROO Group and NANPAO in Taiwan jointly established NOROO NANPAO Paint & Coating (Vietnam). NOROO NANPAO Paint & Coating (Vietnam) produces paints for construction, industrial use, automotive refinish and surface treatment. The production plant is based in Dong Nai, Vietnam, while its sales stores are located in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City. NOROO NANPAO Paint & Coating (Vietnam) continues expanding its target market to the neighboring countries of Vietnam, ultimately hoping to venture into the Southeast Asian market.

      Founded 2008

      Services/Items Architectural, industrial, Auto-Refinishes paints, surface treatment, resins

      Location Vietnam (Office : Ho Chi Minh /Factory : Dong Nai)

      Area of the factory 34,190 ㎡

      Address/Contact information Factory : Nhon Trach 2 IZ Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
      Office : No 741, 01 street, An Phu-An Khanh, New Urban Area, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

    • Japan Office(Japan)
      NOROO Paint & Coatings Japan Office was established in Tokyo, Japan in 2006 to promote technological research and business cooperation. In addition to the technological development performed by the R&D center, NOROO Paint & Coatings Japan Office engages in activities to expand sales of the group affiliates, serving as a bridgehead for an entrance into the Asian market as a whole.

      Founded 2006

      Services/Items Resins, particulate material, lacquer spray, architectural paints

      Location Tokyo, Japan

      Address/Contact information Kokusai BLDG 6F, 3-1-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005

    • NOROO HUALUN Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
      In 2012, NOROO Group jointly established a company with Jiangsu Huarun Group Co. to expand the Chinese market based on the world's best technology in resin and the raw material of paint. Equipped with the production capacity of more than 20,000 tons per year, it supplies the paints for PCM (Pre-coated Metal), industrial use, boats, construction and heavy-duty use.

      Founded 2012

      Services/Items Resins

      Address/Contact information East Sanjiang Road, YanJiang Economic Development Zone, JiangDu District, YangZhou, JiangSu Province, P.R.China. 225211

    • NOROO KOSSAN Paint Snd. Bhd.
      NOROO KOSSAN Paint Malaysia is a joint venture between NOROO Paint & Coatings and Kossan Paint. It was established in 2011 to expand product sales in Southeast Asia. It is currently venturing into the industrial paint market, as well as the coil coating paint and automotive-refinish paint markets. It taps utilizes the networks of the partner company in order to accelerate the development of the Southeast Asian market.

      Founded 2011

      Services/Items Architectural, industrial, surface treatment

      Location Klang, Malaysia

      Address/Contact information No. 1, Jalan Koporat 1/KU9, Taman Perindustrian Meru, 42200 Kapar, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
      : +60-3-3392-2799
      : +60-3-3392-3799

      Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, NOROO VINA focuses its capacity on the production of mobile electronic paints for smartphones. It mainly manufactures high-value paints for smartphones, home appliances and peripheral devices with a stable and efficient production system, securing competitiveness in the market.

      Founded 2014

      Services/Items Mobile coating

      Location Vietnam

      Address/Contact information No.8, TS10, Tien Son Industrial, Noi Due Commune Tien Du Dist, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam

    • NOROO SHEENLAC Coatings(India)
      NOROO SHEENLAC Coatings, a constantly growing joint venture between NOROO Paint & Coatings and India-based Sheenlac Paint Inc., was established in 2014 to enter into the automotive-refinish paint market. It keeps expanding the automotive-refinish paint market in India, which is rapidly growing, through stable localization strategies including local production and development of order-based product production.

      Founded 2011

      Location India

      Address/Contact information Plot No. 124, Developed Plots, Ambattur, Chennai, TN, India, 600-098

      JINXIU NOROO Ecological Agriculture and Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in Chaoyang District, Beijing, in October 2017. GEUMSOO NOROO is in charge of the distribution of tomatoes produced in its farms located in Beijing (Xiaotangshan) and Tianjin. Its main business is exportation/importation and distribution of agricultural products; this will increase the number of distribution items.

      Founded 2017

      Location China

      Address/Contact information Room No. 105, 3-4Ceng, Gaobeidian Xiangxidiancun 41haolou, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China

  • Europe/America/Middle East
    • NOROO KAYALAR Paint Co., Ltd.
      NOROO Paint & Coatings and Kayalar Kimya in Turkey established a strategic partnership in Istanbul in 2011 to expand the Turkish market and other neighboring markets. With the excellent products supplied by NOROO Paint & Coatings, NOROO Kayalar Paint (Turkey) keeps expanding the target market from general industrial paint to automobile touch-up paint by using the network of its partner company in Turkey.

      Founded 2011

      Services/Items Industrial / Auto-refinishes Paints

      Location Istanbul, Turkey

      Address/Contact information Kimya Sanayicileri Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Tem yanyol, F1 Blok
      Tepeoren, Tuzla lstanbul, Turkey 34956

    • NOROO FZCO(Dubai/United Arab Emirates)
      This joint venture between NOROO Paint & Coatings and Ahmed K Al-Amoudi & Sons Co. was established to expand sales of automotive-refinish paint in the Middle East. As Korean car sales are on the rise in the Middle East recently and the automotive refinish paints by NOROO Paint & Coatings are garnering positive responses, NOROO Paint & Coatings' sales in the Middle East area are steadily rising.

      Founded 2012

      Services/Items Auto-Refinishes / Industrial Paints

      Location Dubai, U.A.E

      Address/Contact information Office No. LB21027 JEBEL ALI FREE ZONE - DUBAI UAE
      (UAE) +971-55-281-5177
      (Global) +82-10-2607-1069

      Head qurters P.O. Box 1430 Jeddah 214131 Tahlia Street - Basha Plaza 6th Floor, K.S.A

      KIBANAGRO operates a cutting-edge greenhouse sprawling over 4 hectares in Zharkent, Kazakhstan. It produces, sells, and exports quality tomatoes every year. For product diversification, the company gradually expands sales of Korean agricultural materials and promotes the import/distribution of Korean agricultural produce. KIBANAGRO shares advanced agricultural technologies and nurtures agricultural talent in CIS nations, contributing to the communities and promoting premium brands of Korean agricultural produce.

      Founded 2014

      Location Kazakhstan

      Address/Contact information 701, 1B “Nurly Tau” Business Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan 050059

  • Affiliates
      DEERS SEDA is the plant design, management, automation experts for high-quality chemical and coating facilities.
      As a company that manufactures and supplies paint, print ink, resins, chemical product manufacturing facilities and plant turnkeys, DEERS SEDA continues to engage in factory construction businesses and chemical machinery introduction, as well as exports, imports, and distribution of mechanical facilities and raw materials.
    • i-ZEN Co., Ltd
      i-Zen Co., Ltd., a leader in the fields of plant construction, engineering, maintenance, LED lighting and special insulation materials.
      From A to Z of the plant business such as the construction, engineering and maintenance of chemical, medicine and food manufacturing plants, process improvements, consulting service on the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), cleaning business, LED lighting and special insulation, i-Zen provides the best technologies and services with the goal of creating values for the customers.
    • DIT Co., Ltd
      Continuous research and development in pursuit of client satisfaction IT provides solutions for all your IT needs.
      Through implementing the top-quality client server method downsizing system of Korea, DIT has been supporting composite management information systems of various companies at the lowest cost. By providing all products and technologies required in downsizing such as for downsizing technological service, package operation, H/W and S/W sales, education businesses, etc., DIT will serve as your partner in the Informatized society of the 21st century.