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Bright Color, Smart World


Founder's Spirit

For my Homeland

  • NOROO Way
  • The NOROO Way builds on the founding chairman's corporate philosophy, his views of state ideology, profession, work ethics and attitude. It is a future-oriented value system established as part of seeking wisdom from our ancestors in order to nurture NOROO Group into a leading global enterprise.

    Consisting of business philosophy, management philosophy, shared values, vision, code of conduct and business strategies, the NOROO Way will serve as a central principle for the group's global business by upholding the founding chairman's entrepreneurship.

    All NOROO employees should understand the elements of NOROO Way and practice it in day to day business to align themselves with the Group's vision. With thorough plans and a competitive spirit, we will improve the enterprises value and meet our growth targets as a global business.

  • 경영철학


    Blazing a new trail into
    the future

  • 경영이념


    Bright Color,
    Smart World

  • 공유가치


    Customers: Memorable and Attractive NOROO
    Employees: Creating Hopes and Happiness
    with NOROO
    Shareholders: Growing Together
    with NOROO

  • 사업방침


    “Selection and concentration, core competence building,
    new business operation and global strategies,”
    that are based on
    balance and efficiency

Management Philosophy

Blazing a new trail into the future

Management PhilosophyBlazing a new trail into the futureThe founding Chairman's devotion to his values of having his business benefit the entire nation as well as his exquisite craftsmanship helped NOROO Group grow and it made significant contributions to laying the groundwork for Korea's industrial development. Having made enormous strides through its history, NOROO Group now is ready to move to the next level. With its sights set on the global market, NOROO Group is concentrating its core competency for going global with strong commitment to success in the global arena. This calls on all NOROO employees to reflect on the past achievements and obtain insights into the fast-changing global market so as to blaze a new trail with new creations, thorough preparation and a persevering spirit. The new trail that we make will bring happiness to all NOROO employees and it will last to usher in a better world where future NOROO employees and our descendants can lead a pleasant life and prosper. Not dreaming is equivalent to giving up, and not challenging is equivalent to failure. 'Blazing a new trail is about having an adventurous spirit with a clear vision for the future. Following the path somebody has already created is not going to help us create new things, and searching for existing paths isn't a true venture. We will develop new technologies and venture into new markets with a creative mind-set in order to blaze a new trail that does not exist now thereby laying a firm foundation for improving the value of our enterprise. Based on effective strategies and a desire to meet new challenges and overcome them, NOROO will become a top-tier enterprise that opens new paths throughout the world.

Corporate Vision

Bright Color,
Smart World

  • Bright

    The word 'bright' points to the pleasant and hopeful future of the company.

  • Color

    Represents not only various color ranges but also the time-honored history and tradition of NOROO Group which has led Korea's paint industry and its corporate culture and skillful workforce equipped with passion and talent.

  • Smart

    Indicates our strong commitment to technological development to make life more convenient.

  • World

    Refers to NOROO Group's adventurous spirit, going global and creating the better world that all of us dream of.

As a leader of Korea's paint industry, NOROO Group will build on its core competencies to invent new technologies for the global market. It will also aggressively venture into new business areas to reinvent itself as a top-tier global enterprise and usher in a smarter world.

Shared Values

  • Memorable and Attractive NOROO

    NOROO Group envisions an attractive business that appeals to customers. We will deliver a unique and pleasant customer experience so as to leave a lasting impression.

  • Creating Hopes and Happiness with NOROO

    NOROO Group is where our employees dream together and shine. It is a place where they find happiness and their dreams come true.

  • Growing Together
    with NOROO

    By improving the enterprise value, NOROO Group will thrive along with its shareholders. We will constantly hone our corporate competency and go forward boldly and with purpose in the global market.

Business Strategies

  • 선택과 집중


  • 핵심역량 구축

    Core Competence

  • 신사업 전개

    New Biz Development

  • 글로벌 전략


Balance & Efficiency
  • Balance &

    Any NOROO business undertaking will be based on thorough planning and strategies produced from logical thought and objective judgment as well as efficient capacity-building.

  • Concentration /
    Core Competence

    In pursuing growth, NOROO will select promising areas and focus its energy so as to maximize the efficiency of its resources while developing and nurturing core competency and core human talents. This will help us to have a strong foundation for upcoming ventures and allow us make bold moves with new businesses with concentrated core capabilities.

  • New Biz Development
    / Globalization

    With its sights set on the global market, NOROO Group will consistently and persistently turn each challenge into new opportunities for growth thereby making it a solid business on the global stage.