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Since its foundation in 1945, NOROO Paint & Coatings has been developing and manufacturing over 30 thousands products ranging from architectural, protective, automotive to industrial coatings. With various highly functional paints including environmentally-friendly products, Noroo guarantees the best quality paint with perfect color, outstanding durability and gloss.

Noroo has been improving its competitive edge in product quality by the complete automation and computerization of the whole process from raw material testing, import, mixing, blending, processing to packaging, while analyzing colors and building databases by applying cutting edge digital technologies in various production sectors.

After declaring the Green Management in 2010, Noroo Paint continues to pursue healthy and sustainable development. Based on 3G(Green Process, Green Product, Green Regulations) of Green Management, the first priority of Noroo’s technology development is in the benefit of harmony of human and nature.

    NOROO Paint & Coatings (H.Q)
    NOROO Paint & Coatings produces more than 30,000 kinds of products from architectural, home-appliances, PCM, heavy-duty, automotive refinish coatings to resins.

    Founded 1945

    Services/Items Paints

    Area of factory 114,845,3 ㎡

    Contact TEL. +82-31-467-6114

    information FAX. +82-31-467-6277

    Customer service (080)944-7777

    NOROO Paint & Coatings (Chil-seo)
    Chilseo Factory of NOROO Paint, located in Haman (Gyeongsangnam-do province), secures production power as a base factory and produces high functional paint after acquiring DPM Co., Ltd. in July 2007. Chilseo factory is spurring its growth to be a competitive global company on the basis of the manufacturing technology it has accumulated over the years.

    Founded 2002 (merged in 2007)

    Services/Items Architectural / industrial paints

    Area of factory 30,770.7 ㎡

    Contact TEL. +82-55-586-2300

    information FAX. +82-55-586-4740

    NOROO Paint & Coatings (Po-seung)
    Poseung factory of NOROO Paint & Coatings is famous for its organized automation system. This cutting edge automation factory was built in 2008 and produces 10,000 tons annually. This factory has fully automated its assembly line to produce NOROO Paint & Coatings’ popular automotive refinish paint brand Hi-Q and has the capacity for manufacturing high technology and environment-friendly products such as waterborne paints, high-solid paints, waterborne basecoat, waterborne undercoat, and concentrates on increasing its sales around the world

    Founded 2006

    Services/Items Auto-refinishes paints

    Area of factory 42,012 ㎡

    Contact TEL. (070)7116-9030

    information FAX. +82-31-686-6065