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Anycolor automatic dispensing system for both water and oil based paints.

What is Anycolor System?

Anycolor System is an automatic computer mixing color system, by which you can mix colors you want in an easy and accurate way. For the first time in Korea, NOROO Paint & Coating Co., Ltd. introduced mixing color system and has provided top-notch facilities and excellent mixing colors.

Benefits for Customers

1. You can buy any colors you want on the spot.
2. Prompt mixing colors prevents time-wasting.
3. You can give an order based on a color number in the color book without visiting chain stores.
4. You don’t have to make unnecessary stock because you can buy as much as you want.
5. Same colors can be promptly provided for additional mixing colors.
6. You don’t have to be concerned about waste disposal after mixing colors.

Benefits for chain store

1. High profitability is guaranteed by mixing colors by yourself.
2. Competitiveness is improved by being differentiated from other chain stores.
3. You can improve service by mixing colors your customers want in three minutes.
4. You can raise customers’ credibility by managing colors by computer, securing uniform colors.

Comparison of two-way dispenser and exclusive dispenser
Division Facilities Anycolor Manual mixing color
Dispenser Mixer Stand Colorant Base
Two-way system Two-way Two-way common common Water-based/oil-based Water-based
Two-way system Exclusive system water-based water-based Water-based
Oil-based Oil-based Oil-based Oil-based
Specification of dispenser(two-way) and mixer - Dispenser
Photo Facility Type Number of Colorant Volume of Colorant Width*length*height Standard of can
New Minigiant 24C Gear pump 24EA 3LT 173 X 88 X 110cm 1LT ~ 20LT
M300 Rotary(Gyroscopic) Auto 35KG 80 X 86 X 110cm 1LT ~ 20LT
Process of Mixing colors
    Receive order

    1. Receive order of colors customers want.
    2. e-color, f-color, color mate, colorbook.
    3. 2,000 colors by a product.
    Choose a product,
    colors and standard of can

    Check color of a product you want with computer, choose base type and set standard of can

    Put the chosen base paint varnish in dispenser and do dispensing

    Put the dispensed product in mixer and stir it
    Check colors

    Check finished product and color of order and provide it to customers.
Scope of Mixing Colors
Division Facilities
Item Number
of colors
Item Number
of colors
Item Number
of colors
Water-based paint
for exterior use (I)
2,029 Enamel(Gloss) 3,040 High Solid Lacquer Gloss 1,326
Water-based paint
for exterior use (II)
3,544 Enamel(Matt) 3,002 High Solid Lacquer Matt 1,326
Water-based paint
for interior use (I)
2,213 Enamel(Semi-gloss) 1,220 High Solid Lacquer(G-30) 672
Water-based paint
for interior use (II)
2,631 Lacquer(Gloss) 3,022 Color Stain 25
Cleansol(Gloss) 3,031 Lacquer(Matt) 3,008
Cleansol(Matt) 2,908 Noroothane(DPU-3007) 3,015
Glosstex(Gloss) 1,405 DHDC-2740 3,018
Color Stain 25 DAU-507 3,017
Natural Amethyst 39 Hithane(Gloss) 3,016
Multiplus 336 Hithane(Matt) 2,987
Eco Green Stain 6 Epoxy(DNY-207) 2,864
Magicton 45 Ready-mixed paint (DNP-207) 1,459
Sample of colors

- Anycolor book : 1,160 colors
- Anycolor book (Revised edition) : 1,221 colors
- e-color : 301colors
- f-color : 350 colors

This was made in July 2009 and has been updated.