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Back in 2010, NOROO Paint & Coatings declared the principles of green management and has been seeking sustainable development through '3G Management' with respect for humans and nature. Grounded on three major themes of green management, which are Green Product, Green Process, and Green Regulation, NOROO Paint & Coatings applies the principles of green management to the entire processes from production to management, directed toward people and nature.

Green Product

NOROO Paint & Coatings aims to develop environmentally-friendly new products and develop low-carbon green market products by reestablishing standards for environmentally-friendly products, evaluating environmentally-friendliness of the products, improving environmentally hazardous products, and increasing the ratio of environmentally-friendly products. In addition, in line with the low-carbon, green growth policy that the government is undertaking, we are laying a cornerstone to get the upper hand of the green market by developing more eco-friendly products.

Green Process

From 2010, in order to minimize the energy consumption caused by production, and to achieve efficient production, NOROO Paint & Coatings already identified and computerized the energy status of the production process to measure the amount of carbon dioxide caused during production. Moreover, we are striving to turn all production activities into eco-friendly systems through, for example, efficient energy consumption by improving the facilities and processes with large energy consumption facilities.

Green Regulation

NOROO Paint & Coatings builds a system that efficiently collects information related to green management and reflects immediately to keep abreast of the rapidly changing environments. To this end, we plan to build communication channels with related departments and stakeholders, a monitoring system for global market changes, and a green management website for internal communication.

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