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NOROO Paint & Coatings established local subsidiaries and branch offices in China, Asia, Europe, and the Americas to undertake marketing activities optimized to the target markets and strategic alliances with local companies, bolstering its global network in overseas markets. Through these efforts, we have firmly positioned ourselves for global fine chemical companies and achieved tangible results such as strategic alliances.


NOROO Paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
In 2002, NOROO Paint & Coatings established a local subsidiary in Shanghai, China, and have been working hard on paint production and sales ever since. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's leading paint makers, NOROO Paint & Coatings makes a company-wide effort to provide the best paint services centered on the plant in Shanghai, aiming to grow through competition with global companies in China and to achieve successful localization by strengthening our employees' capacities through training.
NOROO Trading(Shanghai)
NOROO Trading(Shanghai) was established in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in 2002. Since 2012, it began in earnest as the acting operation center for NOROO HK Holdings’ investment plans in the Greater China region, to provide new independent and joint venture business opportunities and M&As; execution, evaluation and modification of the mid-term and long-term development strategies; financial, post management and strategic support of joint venture companies.
NOROO HUALUN Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
NOROO HUALUN Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company between NOROO group and HUALUN Co., Ltd., a Chinese company which shares 30% of China’s solvent market and the biggest company in terms of sales. The JVC was established for the purpose of expanding the market share in the Chinese resin market with their world’s top class resin technology. With the resin production facility with the annual production capacity of 20,000 tons, the company is manufacturing polyester, acrylic, alkyd, urethane, epoxy resins and hardeners and supplying to PCM, industrial, architectural, marine and heavy duty coating markets.


NOROO Holdings(H.K.)
NOROO Holdings(H.K.), the specialized company for overseas investment and M&A, is the key to NOROO group’s overseas expansion. The company played an important role in setting up independent companies and joint ventures with local partners in China, and keep contributing to developing global markets.
NOROO KOSSAN Paint is a 50:50 joint venture between NOROO Paint and KOSSAN Paint, established for the purpose of increasing the sales in the Southeast Asia region. The company is developing markets for industrial coatings and energy saving products, which fit the weather conditions of the target market. Utilizing KOSSAN Paint’s network, the JVC is accelerating the development of the Southeast Asian coatings market.
NOROO-NANPAO Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
NOROO-NANPAO Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture by NOROO group and a Taiwanese company, NANPAO. The company produces architectural, industrial, auto-refinishes coatings and surface treatment. The company has a manufacturing facility in Dong Nai and sales offices in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Imprinting its name in the Vietnamese market, NOROO-NANPAO is broadening its role as a foothold for the neighborhood markets in Southeast Asian countries.
NOROO PAINT & COATINGS CO., LTD. Japan Office (Japan)
It was established for the purpose of technology research and business cooperation. In addition to the technological development of the R&D Center, it plays a role as a bridge between the affiliates to make a foray into the world.
NOROO Paint established NOROO Vina for rapidly growing Vietnamese mobile coating market in 2012. Based on the strong technology of NOROO Paint, the company is constantly expanding its market share in Vietnam.
SHEENLAC-NOROO Coatings India Pvt., Ltd.
SHEENLAC-NOROO Coatings India Private Limited. in India, a joint venture between NOROO and SHEENLAC, has been dstablished for the purpose of increasing the sales in India. The core business of the company is automotive, industrial and architecutural coatings.


NOROO Kayalar Paint is a joint venture company invested by NOROO Paint and Kayalar Kimya to expand their market share in Turkey and its neighboring countries. Combining NOROO Paint’s high quality products and Kayalar Kimya’s business network, the company is expanding its market from the industrial coatings to the automotive refinish paint market.
NOROO FZCO (United Arab Emirates/Dubai )
NOROO FZCO is a joint venture company invested by NOROO Paint and Ahmed K Al Amoudi & Sons Co. to increase the sales of automotive refinish products in the Middle East market. As the sales of Korean automobiles are increasing in the region, NOROO Paint’s auto-refinishes products are gaining more popularity throughout the Middle East market.

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