Architecture Paint


Finish coating for indoor ceilings and walls of alkaline material such as concrete, cement mortar, plasterboard, etc.

Soon&Soo interior paint is an eco-friendly type of water-based paint containing very low levels of volatile organic compounds and heavy metals in addition to having little odor in painting and drying processes. It is also an interior vinyl paint made mainly of vinyl emulsion, having excellent hiding power, smoothness and workability. It is a premium interior water-based paint that makes the appearance smoother and cleaner after painting than general water-based paints. In particular, in terms of hiding, it is an interior water-based paint suitable for cement mortar or new concrete buildings or for repair painting due to its excellent painting workability based on the superiority to existing KS interior grade 2 products.


Paint type
Emulsion water-based interior / Top coat
Drying time
Drying time
Category 10℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch 1 hour 30 minutes 20 minutes
Dry-hard 2 hours 1 hour 40 minutes
Time required for re-coating (min.) 6 hours 3 hours 2 hours
Tap water(dilution rate: up to 20%, volume ratio)
Coating Method
Brush, roller, spray coating
Specific gravity
Approx. 1.46(based on white color)
Solid volume ratio
Approx. 34%(based on white color)
Theoretical Coverage
Thickness of dried film
60㎛ (2coats recommended)
Re-coating interval
20℃, sufficient ventilation for a minimum of 3 hours
White, other colors
Storage and preservation
12 months (Dry, cool, and dark place with good ventilation, room temperature 5℃~30℃, humidity less than 80%)


KS Standard
It is a KS marked item corresponding to KS M 6010 class 2 grade 2.
Very excellent hiding power
Hiding power is very excellent compared to existing interior grade 2 products.
Eco-friendly properties
It is a LOW VOC, harmful heavy metal FREE water-based paint with little odor during painting and drying.

how to use

Surface treatment
1. The material should be sufficiently cured (cured more than 30 days at 20℃)
2. Laitance, dust, oil and other contaminants on the surface must be completely removed.
3. The proper pH of the material must be less than 9, and the percentage of moisture content must be less than 6%.
4. The gaps and grooves on the surface must be filled with exterior water-based putty, and surface adjustment should be made before coating.
Coating method
1. Primer
① For concrete/cement substrates, after surface treatment, dilute the water-based permeable sealer DNX-4001 up to 100%, if necessary, and apply once to get a dry film thickness of 15㎛ with a roller or brush.
② For areas where the absorption of the surface is severe, apply once more coating.
2. Top Coat
① After at least 3 hours at 20℃ following undercoating, apply this paint twice to get a dry film thickness of 60㎛ with a brush, roller or spray.
② At this time, apply by diluting with water up to 20%.
③ After 2 coats, the re-coating interval is at least 3 hours after the first top coating at 20℃.