Architecture Paint

EASYMEL Alkyd enamel primer and top coat

Anti-corrosion and finishing for steel structures such as commercial buildings/residential buildings/public facilities

This paint is an alkyd paint that is made mainly of excellent anti-corrosive pigment and modified alkyd resin. The primer and top coating effect of 2 to 3 coats with existing alkyd anti-corrosive primer coat and alkyd top coat can be obtained only with one coat thereby reducing the number of coats and painting time. This paint is an alkyd paint with quick drying ability and excellent adhesion and durability.


Paint type
Alkyd resin / Primer and Top coat
Drying time
Drying time
Category 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Time required for re-coating (min.) 16 hours 8 hours 6 hours
Solid volume ratio
40±2% (Based on gloss white color), 45±2% (Based on matte white color)
Specific gravity
Approx. 1.2±0.2 (Based on gloss or matte white color)
Theoretical Coverage
10∼11 ㎡/ℓ (1time - 40㎛)
Dilution ratio
Volume ratio : less than 10%
White, other ordered colors
Thickness of dried film
Mixing ratio
Shelf life
12 months (Dry, cool, and dark place with good ventilation)
Glossy, matte
Recommend tinter
Super color for solvent-based paint
Re-coating interval
48 hours(20℃)


Film property
Primer and top coating functions are imparted by one coat.
Quick-drying ability
A quick-drying type that is suitable for areas requiring workability.

how to use

Surface treatment
1. New metal plate : Completely remove rust, oil, dust and other contaminants from the surface of the substrate by applying blasting cleaning at Sa2 or higher.
2. Repair: After completely removing worn film, rust, oil, salt, dust and other contaminants and wire brushing for the damaged parts, apply repair painting to make the film thickness the same as the surrounding coating.
Coating method
1. Coating can be done by either brush, roller, or airless spray coating.
2. Airless spray coating :
- Tip diameter : 0.43 ~ 0.48 mm
- Injection pressure : 143 atm
- Injection angle : 65˚
(Airless spray data are for reference only, and it is adjusted according to the coating conditions.)
3. Coating conditions : The surface of the substrate must be clean. The surface temperature should be at least 3℃ higher than the dew point to the relative humidity should be less than 85%.