Architecture Paint

YEGREENA ELASTIC PAINT Intermediate coating

Multicolor pattern elastic paint for interior of buildings
Non-extended balcony inside of apartments

This product is an interior-only elastic paint that is composed mainly of elastic acrylic resin and pigment. Two colors are painted at the same time to form a sensation of a beautiful color. It is excellent in water resistance, alkali resistance and mold resistance while maintaining the beautiful appearance of a building for a long period of time.


Paint type
Water-based acrylic type
Drying time
Drying time
Category 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
Set-to-touch 3 hours
Dry-hard 24 hours
Tap water(dilution rate: up to 5%, volume ratio)
Coating Method
Exclusive spray gun
Specific gravity
Approx. 1.1±0.1
Solid volume ratio
Approx. 33%
Theoretical Coverage
0.66 ㎡/L
Thickness of dried film
Other colors
Storage and preservation
12 months (Dry, cool, and dark place with good ventilation, room temperature 5℃~30℃, humidity less than 80%)


Excellent workability
Intermediate (pattern formation) coating is easy by one finish coat.
Excellent film property
Water resistance, and alkali resistance are excellent.
Environmental impact
It is an eco-friendly product having almost no VOC and odor. This product has obtained Eco-Mark certification.
Crack resistance
The elasticity of the film prevents microcracks of buildings.
Beautiful appearance
Imparts a beautiful appearance by mixing two colors.

how to use

Surface treatment
1. The material should be sufficiently cured (cured more than 30 days at 20℃)
2. Laitance, dust, oil and other contaminants on the surface must be completely removed.
3. The proper pH of the material must be less than 9, and the percentage of moisture content must be less than 6%.
4. The gaps and grooves on the surface must be filled with exterior water-based putty, and surface adjustment should be made before coating.
Coating method
1. Primer
① Uniformly apply the CLEAR SEALER, which is a specified undercoat, or coat MIXING LIQUID on the base surface once.
2. Intermediate coating
① After the undercoat is completely dried, apply the ceramic coat for intermediate coating with a special gun.
② Upon spray coating, be sure to work perpendicular to the coating surface to obtain a uniform pattern.
③ Upon using an intermediate coat, dilute with water to less than 5%, and use after sufficient stirring as it is a high viscosity paint.
3. Top Coat
① Apply YEGREENA ELASTIC PAINT(top coat) once after the intermediate coating material has completely dried for mold resistance.